I personally love taking pictures and now I am learning photography (thanks to the persistent urging from my lovely wife). I usually manage the photos on my hard drive with specific folders and then upload them to Flickr. However when I was using the original Flickr Uploadr , it always annoyed me that it takes a long time to cache all the photos into memory for preview. Therefore, I developed this simple tool, Flickr Set Uploader. It automatically creates a set on flickr according to the folder name, and upload the the pictures in that folder.

Description on Flickr: A simple program that allows you to quickly upload the photos from hard disk and automatically creates sets according to the folders in your hard drive. An easy tool for transferring the photos from well managed hard drive to the online version. The tool is particularly useful for large folders since it saves preview time of the original Flickr Uploader.

We are trying to develop some interesting projects with recent Microsoft Kinect Sensor. We now release the alpha code for saving the depth data (based on OpenKinect and OpenCV) and transforming them into 3D data for the usage in matlab and meshlab. You can find more details in this page.

This code is based on OpenKinect and modified by Zhaoyin. It is successfully compiled and run on Windows 7 64 bit/Visual Studio 2010/Matlab 2010a. The code is to capture the Kinect depth and color image, and read from matlab and render in meshlab. It uses the method introduced in this page by Nicolas Burrus.

This is a simple Chrome extension that tries to prevent you from procrastinating. Just install it on chrome browser, and every time you open a new tab, you will face the words that help you focus and stop you from opening facebook. [download it]

Because of my lovely wife, who always catches me by surprise when I browse facebook or watch basketball during working hours, I decided to procrastinate a little less. Recently, I came across a nice article about ending procrastination. It inspired me to write this chrome extension. It simply displays the three simple steps to end procrastination and focus on your current tasks. Also, it randomly displays some quotes to make me feel even guiltier. If you or your partner also likes to put work off a little bit, feel free to use this extension. Good wife makes her husband better. At least that is what my wife thinks.